Working and Making a Contribution to the Community and to Society

In 2015, Granvista set off on a voyage toward new growth as a member of the Fujisankei Communications Group and is now working to take advantage of its synergy with group members by taking on a variety of new challenges, including the opening of a new hotel brand. Our vision in setting the pace for these efforts is to "build the value of the region to take control of the future."

Throughout our history, we have maintained a strong relationship with the region, maintaining, creating and expanding businesses needed by the region, and history of the region has been linked with our own path.
It is our goal to build relationships of trust with the local and regional inhabitants and to create new value in these communities around the facilities we manage-value that we can bring to the whole world.

The goals of our existence as a company are "improving value in the region" and "creating new value in the region."
Further, we want to become a base for building value, both domestically and internationally, a place visited by many different people, where they can touch the local culture and experience its charms, and in doing so connect people with other people and with the community, enriching peoples' lives and helping to make the future of society and mankind a more peaceful one.

In order to begin taking the many steps on the path toward that goal, I believe it will be necessary for us to gather and nurture a force of talented people who relate to our brand statement.

If you have a desire to realize your full potential at Granvista, if you want to be a part of creating a new Granvista together, I do hope you will join us in our new challenge.

President Sadanori Suda


Students intending to graduate in 2018

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