Employment Information

Shaping the Global Future.

With our diverse business activities, our mission is to create bases that communicate the value of various communities to people throughout Japan and abroad, in order to invite visitors from far and wide to enrich their lives by experiencing each community’s culture. In turn, we believe this will transform society and the future into something that is much more peaceful and fulfilling.
To move step-by-step towards becoming a company that fulfills this mission, we must attract and develop human resources who believe in our company’s brand statement.

Changing the future with value for communities.


  • 1

    Someone with whom our brand statement resonates

    A person who can personally identify with our company’s brand statement and is intent on working with us to change the future.

  • 2

    Someone who can find the various kinds of value that exist in communities

    A person who can think analytically about the culture and value that exist in each community where our facilities are located, and can bring out and communicate new value.

  • 3

    Someone who has a genuine interest in the hospitality business

    A person who is motivated and fascinated by the hospitality business as a means to serve and bring joy to customers.

We at GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts seek people who can work with us to change the future