Living together with communities. Bringing communities to life.

Through our succession, creation, and development of businesses, we are able to maintain a strong relationship of trust with each community as we grow together with them. By creating a base that communicates the value of a community, we attract visitors by inviting them to experience the local culture and to learn its appeal. We believe that we can transform the future and society into something more peaceful and happy; something that can realize a fulfilling prosperity for large numbers of people, by bringing them together and connecting them with local communities. It is our sincere hope to mutually grow with each community as we bring more and more people together.

Taking on
the challenge of
new business.

We are engaged in a rapidly changing market that is evolving in response to diversifying lifestyles and an increasing number of tourist visitors.
Rather than merely being content with our legacy, we take maximum advantage of our synergy with the Sankei Building Group, focusing our efforts on pursuing the frontiers of challenging new business possibilities, which are generated by the diverse connections and interactions that result from our progress together with our communities.

For our guests.
For our employees.

We wish to offer all of our guests an unforgettable experience.
With our spirit of “hospitality first,”we are always mindful of our guests, greet them with a smile, and immediately respond with thoughtful services.
As professionals, we continue to fulfill the expectations of our guests, proactively improving ourselves and embodying the concept of GRANVISTA hospitality. We aim to become an even more admirable company by promoting major growth of diverse human resources.