We develop human resources that embody our GRANVISTA hospitality
to actively
shape the future of the tourism industry

At GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts, we develop individuals who proactively improve themselves and embody the concept of GRANVISTA hospitality. With that in mind, we promote major growth of our human resources to become an even more highly admired company that attracts diverse people.
To accomplish this, we offer various training programs that are categorized by level or job type so our employees can continue improving their knowledge and skill levels after joining the company. Also, through their work, the employees can grow with the support provided by various sources such as the heads of their organizations and on-the-job trainers.

Our Company’s Action Policy

  • VISION 1 Think about “connecting” with a wide perspective and act accordingly.

  • VISION 2 Create trends for the times.

  • VISION 3 Maintain a frontier spirit with every challenge.

  • VISION 4 Make the most out of GRANVISTA’s variety and individuality.

Training System

A wide range of training programs are provided, including “Introductory Training for New Employees” and “Training for Individual Roles.” Employees can take part in training programs suitable for their experience and careers. We also maintain an environment that encourages and supports self-development.

  • Introductory Training for New Employees 1 to 7 days, for all employees

    The “Introductory Training for New Employees” training program is provided to employees when they are hired by GRANVISTA. This training program is available to fresh graduates and to mid-career recruits and part-time employees as well. (The content varies depending on the participants.) This is also a period in which trainees become acclimated to the organizational climate and learn more about the company before beginning actual work.

  • Training of On-the-Job Trainers 2 days/2 times annually, for on-the-job trainer candidates

    This program is for training on-the-job trainers for each business office. In addition to acquiring training skills for teaching and coaching, participants are provided with training for mental support and planning group-training programs. Following completion of their own training, trainers conduct training at business offices as well as doing a wide range of human resource training tasks there such as planning of training.

  • Educator Training 2 days/2 times annually, for business office educators

    This is a workshop where educators—one of whom is assigned to each business office—gather in one building to undergo training. They share cases from their experiences and work together to solve issues that are common throughout the company, along with learning human resource development trends and engaging in workshops and other new content each time. The educators take what they learn at the workshop and apply it at their business offices in their human resource development efforts.

  • Training for Individual Roles 1 day/1 time annually, for S1 to management level

    This training program helps participants understand their expected roles in the company (operation, management, professional, or expert positions) and brush-up the experience they need for fulfilling them. Employees in the same roles gather to work together in this program.

  • New Manager Training 3 days/1 time annually, for employees promoted to management positions

    This is a training program for newly-appointed managers. In addition to acquiring the knowledge and skills required for management, each individual must earn business math certification. The group training is over a 3-day period, and the program lasts a total of 5 months including the learning periods before and after.

Self-Development Support System

One part of the self-development support system is a set of correspondence courses. There are more than 100 courses of study to choose from. Moreover, tuition support can be earned when a course’s completion requirements are met. The courses cover not just business, but various subjects that are useful for work such as courses for wine and Japanese sake, history, and life planning. Every year, a large number of employees challenge themselves to these courses.

StGF AWARD (incentive system)

This is a system in which employees award each other for actions taken in line with the standards set by the “Shaping the Global Future” project, GRANVISTA’s commitment towards “Changing the future with value for communities.” This kind of mutually-supportive undertaking is unique to the GRANVISTA style of hospitality business.

Company Benefits
At GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts, we actively back-up our employees from a benefits and well-being perspective in order to assist them in living a purposeful life in society.
■ Company benefits system for career peace-of-mind
Various social insurance, workers’ property accumulation savings, and group life and property insurance.
■ Consideration for the basis of livelihood
Rent assistance system for transfer employees, company cafeteria (excluding some business offices), company housing (some business offices only), etc.
■ Company benefit services for employees and their family members when using company facilities
Discount usage system for employees and their family members
■ Systems that allow continued employment while conducting child or family care
Childcare leave system and family-care leave system