For customers who have food allergies

Regarding food allergies

Our company is taking the initiative as much as possible with respect to the accommodation of the allergens found in [7 specified ingredients] (eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, shrimp, buckwheat and crab) so that our customers who have food allergies can feel at ease and enjoy meals safely. However, since we do not make accommodations for allergies other than the [7 specified ingredients], we request your understanding.

Furthermore, depending on the hotel or restaurant, , it is possible to provide a “menu that makes accommodations for the [7 specified ingredients]” at your request, but there are cases where menu changes are difficult due to the format of the store, the kitchen equipment environment, etc., and the circumstances regarding the ingredients, etc. to be provided, and we may also not be able to accommodate your request.
Upon understanding the matters described below, we ask that you please inquire and consult with each facility in advance of your use thereof. Furthermore, it will be difficult to meet your requests that are made on the very day of your visit.

Matters to bear in mind regarding allergens

Upon confirming the above-mentioned content when you use our facilities, we ask that the final decision by made by the customer.