Use of Coffee Beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms at Four Hokkaido Facilities

September 19, 2014


Tokyo, Japan September 19, 2014 - This year, GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. (headquarters, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; president, Sadanori Suda) has begun promoting activities that are in line with its new "Shaping the Global Future" policy of creating shared value. As part of those activities and to mark the anniversaries of four facilities under its management-Sapporo Grand Hotel (80th anniversary), Sapporo Park Hotel (50th anniversary), Shogetsu Grand Hotel (80th anniversary) and Tomakomai Golf Resort 72 (40th anniversary)-GRANVISTA has decided to use coffee beans certified by international environmental non-government agency (NGO) Rainforest Alliance at those establishments. The decision to use the coffee was made following sampling of the product by the head chef and other staff of each facility.

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Rainforest Alliance certification helps advance the livelihoods of farm workers; it safeguards the natural environment for flora and fauna as well as improving plantation management methods in an ongoing manner. Consumers may support the activities of Rainforest Alliance simply by purchasing the products of its certified farms. But GRANVISTA also sets its goal as striving to achieve "happiness," which embraces the links among global and regional communities, wildlife and nature. This concept involves offering hospitality, which amounts not only to meeting the comfort needs of the present but also involves deep adherence to the principle of aiming to make a better world for future generations.

For its Ocean restaurant, which reopened in March this year at Kamogawa Sea World, GRANVISTA has extended its collaboration with Rainforest Alliance, thereby becoming the first aquarium in Japan to use such certified beans. GRANVISTA has also started offering coffee made using beans produced on Rainforest Alliance certified farms at Ginza Grand Hotel (which held its grand opening this May) and Kurobe Kanko Hotel. GRANVISTA will continue promoting the use of coffee beans grown on Rainforest Alliance certified farms at the facilities under its management. Under the twin themes of "cultural diversity in tradition and creation" and "proactive symbiosis with nature," GRANVISTA aims to engage in various activities that tackle problems facing the community and society.

Comment from Marcel Clement, Senior Manager, Markets Europe and Japan, Rainforest Alliance headquarters, New York:
"Congratulations to GRANVISTA on the anniversaries of the four Hokkaido facilities. Thank you for endorsing the activities of Rainforest Alliance by having continuously promoted the use of coffee beans from certified farms since January 2014. An enterprise in Japan's hotel and resort sector engaging in this kind of activity on a company-wide basis is indeed a groundbreaking measure. It is wonderful that GRANVISTA and its notion of 'sustainable hospitality' for the guests at its facilities are making more people aware of all the attendant issues. Through a broadening of the collaborative activities between GRANVISTA and Rainforest Alliance, I believe that we can aim to bring about a sustainable society."

About Rainforest Alliance

Founded in 1987, Rainforest Alliance is an international environmental NGO with headquarters in New York. It aims to bring about a world of mutual prosperity for both humankind and nature by engaging in such activities as forest conservation, preserving biodiversity, wildlife protection and tackling climate change. The NGO has succeeded in promoting the sustainable production of such crops as coffee, cocoa, tea and bananas on certified farms. In 2013, 980,000 certified farms produced 5.2% of the world's coffee. By choosing Rainforest Alliance certified products, it is possible to support farm owners and workers around the world who are working to improve their own livelihoods and those of their families-while at the same time helping to protect the earth.
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About Shaping the Global Future

There is a kind of connection to the challenges that everyone faces. In changing or broadening one's outlook, it becomes evident that familiar problems are linked with social issues. GRANVISTA addresses such challenges under the twin themes of "cultural diversity in tradition and creation" and "proactive symbiosis with nature," and it directs its business activities toward creating shared value, thereby shaping the global future.

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