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Kamogawa Sea World

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Catering Staff

Type of work Catering staff
Work in the kitchens of the hotel restaurant and restaurants located in Kamogawa Sea World
Location Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture
Terms of employment Contract employment (six-month renewable contract; system for promotion to permanent employment)
Salary Day-rate system according to company regulations
Applicant's age, ability, experience and salary in the previous position taken into consideration following the interview
Working hours Shift work from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. (daily average work of 7 hours 20 minutes)
Owing to seasonal variation in work demands, flextime system operates
Holidays 6-9 days a month (85 days a year)
Vacation Annual paid leave
Salary increase Once a year (April)
Bonuses Performance-based system
Various allowances Commuting allowance, overtime pay, night shift allowance, meal allowance
Moving costs considered in the case of transfer from outside Kamogawa
Welfare Social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance)
Free use of uniforms, discounts available at related facilities, congratulatory and condolence money, commuting by car possible
Job details Work in the kitchens of the hotel restaurant and restaurants located in Kamogawa Sea World
Wide range of work opportunities to meet successful candidate's skills and experience
Sea World restaurants offer meals incorporating influences of the local Southern Boso area within an American-style atmosphere
Desired abilities People with catering experience
Individuals with perhaps just part-time experience in the restaurant business but who want to learn professional cooking
People who want to really impress the customer
Inquiries and applications should be made to the recruitment staff at Kamogawa Sea World

Inquiries by phone:04-7093-4800

Inquiries by e-mail kanriksw@granvista.co.jp

E-mail applications should include the following details: (1) name; (2) age (3) gender; (4) residential address; (5) phone number; and (6) work experience. Recruitment staff will then contact all applicants.

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