Kyoto Nijo Sawaragi No Yado

A rare and valuable traditional townhouse designated by the city of Kyoto as a “structure of landscape importance” and a “building of historical scenic beauty.”

Within walking distance of Nijo Castle, a world cultural heritage site, this historically valued inn stands in an area filled with the spirit of the ancient city, lined with the homes of old merchant families. In Sawaragi-cho where there were once many sake brewers, it is said that this building belonged to a rice seller who supplied the brewers with rice. Since that time, the townhouse has been dear to the hearts of the local residents over the years and is now renovated as a lodging facility. The rooms are situated deep in the building and far from the entrance to provide a serene stay for the guests of the inn.

  • Name
    Kyoto Nijo Sawaragi No Yado
  • Adress
    North side of Gioncho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, KyotoGoogleMAP
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