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Hold a workshop about sea turtles
– Efforts at Kamogawa Seaworld –

In an effort to broaden the relationships between humans and nature as well as between humankind and society, we are creating educational opportunities to better understand living creatures through a workshop for promoting nature conservation, and by establishing hands-on learning programs.

With a focus on the nearby Tojo Beach, Kamogawa Seaworld has been involved in protecting the eggs of loggerhead sea turtles laid in unsuitable locations since 2002, releasing the baby turtles back to nature after their eggs have hatched.
To pass on the knowledge gained through nature conservation efforts such as this, we have held workshop about sea turtles free of charge since 2012 as part of our activities to expand education about nature conservation. Together with baby loggerhead sea turtles, our caretakers visit educational institutions such as nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and special support schools.
In addition to teaching about protecting the environment, our staff lets the children observe baby sea turtles up close in order to better understand nature conservation and the preciousness of life.

An effort to broaden the relationships between humans and nature as well as between humankind and society

  • Hold a workshop about sea turtles
  • Summer school and winter school openings

■ Other approaches to people

    Hotelier & Pâtissier Project

    This is a special school in which active members of the hotel staff teach children “hotel manners” and “pâtissier skills.” The course consists of a “hotelier class,” “check-in training,” and a “pâtissier class.” For children, it’s an exciting way to spend a day experiencing the work of a hotelier. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to enjoy watching their children grow and develop.

    GRANVISTA Gallery Sapporo

    At GRANVISTA Gallery Sapporo, we hold various exhibitions for high-quality culture communication, creating opportunities for new exchange. By primarily focusing on the exhibition of writers and artists from Sapporo and Hokkaido, we work together with the community to communicate the region’s appeal to all visitors as we introduce and promote the lifestyle culture and art of Sapporo and Hokkaido.