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– Efforts at Sapporo Park Hotel –

GRANVISTA’s environment-friendly undertakings include the operation of the company’s own natural agriculture farm, holding a “Candle Night” event with Japanese wax candles, and working to protect sick and injured animals and conserve endangered species. To create a new “world of food” looking ahead to the next generation and the future, we opened our natural-cultivation farm GRANVISTA Farm Sapporo in 2014 as part of our “Shaping the Global Future” shared-value creation efforts.

Since its opening, the farm has cultivated using the “Kimura” agricultural method in which absolutely no pesticides or fertilizers are used. Clearing of land and maintenance tasks on the farm are primarily handled by our newly recruited and young employees. As a hotel that provides food education along with food, we look at food safety and its importance from a producer’s perspective, providing our employees with an opportunity to learn the joys and challenges of food production. Through efforts such as these, we continue to increase awareness of and promote global environmental conservation.

Use of GRANVISTA Farm Sapporo Produce

  • Restaurant offerings
  • Hosting of Natural Cultivation MARCHE
  • Applied to Food Education

■ Other approaches to nature


    GRANVISTA agrees with the philosophy of the Rainforest Alliance and uses the alliance’s certified plantation coffee beans.
    Selecting products from a Rainforest Alliance–certified plantation supports the activities of the alliance. We believe that doing so shows our commitment to the principle of providing hospitality that considers further improvement for the next generation and the future.

    About Rainforest Alliance

    As an international non-profit organization, the Rainforest Alliance aims to enhance the livelihoods of working people as well as protect wildlife and the natural environment of forests. The Rainforest Alliance makes ongoing efforts to improve the management process of farms in a proactive manner through its Rainforest Alliance certification. If farms satisfy its strict criteria and become certified, they are able to use the Rainforest Alliance certification logo on products made from such raw materials as coffee and cocoa beans.

    GRANVISTA Candle Night

    “GRANVISTA Candle Night” reconfirms the preciousness of our world environment. It’s an event based on the goal of “Cool Earth Day” (July 7th of every year) during which every one of us does what we can to prevent global warming.
    On Candle Night, GRANVISTA uses Japanese wax candles, a Japanese tradition, to promote and increase awareness of global environment conservation. This candle night puts into practice the value of the community’s traditional industry.

    Conservation Activities for Sick and Injured Animals and Endangered Species

    We contribute to better coexistence with wildlife and nature by promoting the conservation of endangered species through activities such as protecting sick and injured animals, loggerhead sea turtle eggs, and aquatic insects.

    Switched to Paper Straws

    Starting in 2019, we essentially eliminated the use of disposable plastic straws. Within the restaurants, lounges, and other places in our hotels, we provide environmentally friendly paper straws instead. We intend to proactively continue this practice in order to protect our oceans and our environment.