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Workshops for experiencing
a community’s traditional industry
– Efforts at INTERGATE Hotels –

GRANVISTA’s brand statement is “Changing the future with value for communities.” As part of our efforts to communicate each community’s appeal, we hold workshops where the community’s traditional industry can be experienced. Other efforts include community-oriented interior design of our hotels and community clean-up activities.

Events offering hands-on cultural experiences are held at INTERGATE Hotels, our “value experience” hotels that embody our brand statement: “Changing the future with value for communities.” At the Hotel Intergate Kyoto Shijo Shinmachi, the first INTERGATE hotel, we hold a special monthly event in the hotel’s lounge for experiencing the traditional industry and culture of Kyoto, as taught by maikos (apprentice geisha girls). In this event, maikos give talks and explain pieces of their attire that are elements of Kyoto’s traditional industry, such as their ornamental hairpins and obi (sash) retainers. Participants learn about the maikos’ dances and can also experience the “Ozashiki Asobi” (teahouse games). We work together with the people involved in the traditional culture of each community to provide a platform for communicating the community’s appeal.

Featured hands-on workshops

  • Learn from a maiko about Kyoto’s traditional industry
    and experience Japanese candle painting (Kyoto)
  • Experience making a Kumano brush (Hiroshima)
  • Kaga Hachiman Okiagari doll painting experience (Kanazawa)

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