Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee

We guarantee that the accommodation rates provided on GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Group official websites are a better value than those provided on other booking sites.

If you find another website offering the same accommodations at a lower rate after finalizing a reservation on a GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts official website, please contact the reserved hotel using the special form at the link below within 24 hours of booking.
If we can confirm that we did not offer the best rate, we promise to have you stay with us at the rate you sent us.

*The Best Rate Guarantee only applies to hotels and ryokan accommodation rate.

*Except for the following hotels.
-Hotel Yumoto Noboribetsu
-Hotel the Lutheran

InquiriesPlease use the following form to make an inquiry about the Best Rate Guarantee.

Terms of the Best Rate Guarantee

Plans sold on other booking sites are also available at GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts official websites, and we promise that, at the time of booking, the same product will be available on our official website at a price lower than that on other booking sites, etc.

In order to be eligible for the Best Rate Guarantee, the following terms must be met.

  • Same hotel
  • Same plan (including service and benefit details, amenity details)
  • Same accommodation date(s), same booking date, same booking period
  • Same number of guests
  • Same room type (same view)
  • Same length of stay (check-in/check-out time)
  • Same payment method
  • Same currency
  • Same cancellation policy

*Rates listed on the GRANVISTA official website, our other hotels' official websites, and other operated booking sites fluctuate on a daily basis due to availability, etc.

*Plans that offer points specific to other websites are not sold on our official websites.

*Comparisons will be based on tax-inclusive rates.

Exemptions from the Best Rate Guarantee

The following cases are not eligible for the Best Rate Guarantee.

  • Bookings not made online, such as those made only by telephone.
  • Plans that offer points, etc. specific to another booking site, sponsored plans, etc.
    *However, if the points are offered at the normal rate, the plan is not exempt.
  • Plans not available to the public such as corporate contracts, welfare benefits, members-only plans, group plans, etc.
  • Plans paid for in advance (online auctions, joint purchases, credit cards, etc.)
  • Package plans that include the use of facilities other than accommodations, transit facilities, meals, etc.
  • Plans listed in pamphlets and websites sold at travel agencies.
  • Plans that fluctuate according to exchange rates. (Plans listed in non-yen currency such as US dollars)
  • Plans that have a rate difference due to differences in exchange rates (fluctuations, to be rounded off).
  • Plans sold by accommodation booking sites operated by a Japanese company.


Q: Why are rates lower on the official websites?

A: Booking sites other than our official websites charge service fees. Consequently, the best rates are available on bookings made through our official websites, which do not require service fees.

Q: Rates offered for booking by telephone are lower.

A: The guarantee applies only to bookings made online, so telephone bookings are not eligible.

Q: Rates listed in a travel agency pamphlet are lower.

A: Because travel agency plans (pamphlets, websites) are set at selling prices in which hotels cannot participate, these are not eligible.

Q: When I booked, your official website offered the best rate, but when I looked a week later, another booking site had lower rates.

A: In order to be eligible, rates must be those at the time of booking, and requests must be made within 24 hours of booking or, for same-day bookings, prior to check-in.

Q: Sapporo Park Hotel has lower rates than Sapporo Grand Hotel.

A: In order to be eligible, the hotel must be the same.

Q: Even though Date A and Date B are both weekdays, the rates for Date B are lower.

A: In order to be eligible, the date must be the same.

Q: Even though they are both double rooms, another booking site offers a city-view room at a rate lower rate than that offered by your official website for an ocean-view room.

A: In order to be eligible, rooms must be the same type (same view).

Q: My members-only site of my credit card offers lower rates.

A: accommodation rates offered to specific members-only organizations are not eligible.

Q: I booked a one-night stay for a certain date, but another booking site offers lower rates for a "consecutive-nights stay plan" on the same date.

A: Because these rates are based on a consecutive-nights stay, the accommodation period (arrival and departure date) must be the same in order to be eligible.

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