Kamogawa SeaworldThe Recreations

Approximately 11,000 sea creatures of 800 species are on display. Performances by four animals - the killer whale, known as the king of the sea; dolphins; sea lions, and belugas - are popular. Enjoy a fun and relaxing time watching these creatures of the sea with your family, friends or someone special.

Kamogawa Seaworld: overview


Address 1464-18, Higashi-cho, Kamogawa, Chiba 296-0041MAP
Phone +81-4-7093-4803
Fax +81-4-7093-4829
When using trains
  • Approx. 5 min. by courtesy bus from JR Awakamogawa Station
[From JR Tokyo Station to the hotel]
  • Approx. 130 min. by JR express train
When using buses
  • Approx. 120 min. from JR Tokyo Station by Akushi-go express bus
When arriving by car
  • Approx. 60 min. from the Kimitsu IC on the Tateyama Expressway, via the Boso Skyline and Kamogawa Toll Road
Parking Multi-story parking for hotel guests (¥1,000/night) Capacity: 216 standard-sized cars



Type Individuals Groups
8 - 29 people 30 people or more
Adults (incl. high school students) ¥2,800 ¥2,500 ¥2,100
Children (4 years to junior high school students) ¥1,400 ¥1,250 ¥1,050

* The above price includes admission to all performances.
Tax included

Special admission

Student discount ¥2,200 Please present your student ID.
65 or over Individuals ¥2,100 * Please show proof of age.
* The group rate is applicable to groups of 10 or more people aged 65 or over (reservation required).
* The group rate is applicable to groups of 10 or more people aged 65 or over (reservation required).
Groups ¥1,500
Disabled adults ¥1,500 * Up to one companion,¥2,100
* Please present your physical disability certificate.
Children ¥750
Ocean View Ticket One-way ¥7,300 Joint pass for use with Tokyowan Ferry
2 adults + 1 car
Return ¥10,400
Sheep & Orca adults ¥3,600 Joint pass for admission to Mother Farm
Children ¥1,800

Opening hours

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on weekdays (except around the New Year period) in winter (Nov. 16 - Feb. 15)
* Ticket sales end 1 hour before the closing time.


No fixed holidays (to be closed seven days sometime in December and January)


Eco-aquaroam: observe water creatures in the course of nature
Creatures living in the rivers and sea can be observed together with their habitats.
Marine Theater - Mysterious power of the beluga (white dolphin)
The white-bodied belugas live around the Arctic Ocean. These highly intelligent animals can communicate with each other and emit ultrasonic sounds to look for things. Their excellent, unique abilities are introduced in a theater style.
Tropical Island - experience a coral reef as if you were diving.
A tropical coral reef has been reproduced to allow visitors to observe the creatures that live there.
Surf Stadium - powerful and exciting performances by dolphins perfectly in tune with each other
The intelligence and physical capabilities of dolphins are far beyond our imagination. Enjoy the speedy swimming and surprisingly high jumps that form part of the performances featuring a combination of bottlenose and Pacific white-sided dolphins.
Ocean Stadium - powerful adventures of the king of the sea, the killer whale
This super attraction features the king of the sea - the killer whale - with the grand Pacific Ocean in the background. The curious and gentle whales communicate with trainers and charm visitors with their dynamic jumps and powerful performances.
Rocky World - a paradise of marine creatures spanning five seas
The natural behavior of distinctive animals such as sea lions and seals can be seen amid precise reproductions of their natural habitats spanning five seas, including those of California, Alaska and the Kurils.
* Sea of seals and sea lions (California coast)
* Sea of Walruses (Bering Sea, Alaskan coast)
* Sea of Steller's sea lions (Kuril coast)
* Sea of dolphins (Amami Oshima, Seto Inland Sea coast)
* Sea of penguins (Chile coast)
Rocky Stadium - Meet the smiling sea lions here.
Sea lions can adapt to living both in the water and on land. Their advanced intelligence and behavior are presented in the form of a humorous show. Enjoy the fun performance of the ingenious animals.
Polar Adventure - A world of animals that live in polar seas
The Arctic and Antarctic Circles have been reproduced on the basement of the Rocky World. The section presents the ecology of unique creatures in the icy seas, such as sea otters that are related to weasels, and the most famous flightless birds, penguins.
* Sea of sea otters (sea otters)
* Arctic sea (ringed seals, etc.)
* Antarctic sea (king penguins, gentoo penguins, etc.)
Sea Turtle's Beach
A pool blending with the Pacific Ocean spreading right in front of it and an artificial beach where sea turtles can spawn
Pelican Pond
Pelicans take a vigorous walk around the park twice a day. Enjoy seeing the cute birds while listening to the commentary of park staff.
* To be cancelled if it rains.


Marine Market
Check if there are any souvenirs you forgot to buy, here at this general gift shop.
Gift Box Silky
A shop with an extensive range of beluga (white dolphin) goods
Bazaar Court Raoi
The shop offers a variety of amusement goods as mementos of your visit.


This is the only restaurant in Japan where you can dine while watching killer whales.
Food Court Mauri
Tropical-style meals and drinks are served here. You can also enjoy an alfresco lunch.
Deck Restaurant Sun Cruise
This ocean-view buffet restaurant also has a wood deck.