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[Otsu Service Area (2F) on the Meishin Expressway (inbound lane)] A scenic point known for its view of Lake Biwa.
As well as the first 551 Horai shop to open on an expressway and a coffee shop produced by Kyoto’s long-established Ogawa Coffee, customers can also enjoy a local-production-for-local-consumption menu of dishes made with specially selected local ingredients. Ohmi specialties, popular Kansai products and a host of traditional Kyoto brands are available at the shop.

Otsu Highway Restaurant: overview


Address 2-8-1, Asahigaoka, Otsu, Shiga  MAP
Phone +81-77-522-6092
Fax +81-77-525-5398
Access Otsu SA on the Meishin Expressway (inbound lane)

Shopping Corner

photo:Shopping Corner

A range of leading gifts and souvenirs from Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto available. Sweets, pickles and other items from Kyoto's long-established brands that are only available here on the expressway are highly recommended.

Open 24 hours

551 Horai

photo:Snack Corner O2

This is the first 551 Horai shop – known for its famous Osaka specialty butaman (pork dumplings) – to open on an expressway. Horai serves its famous piping-hot butaman as well as gyoza and shumai dumplings, lovingly handmade to warm the stomachs and the hearts of its customers. The chilled butaman and shumai products that are also available make great souvenirs.

Open 10:00 to 20:00


photo:Snack Corner O2

LAKESIDE COFFEE, a coffee shop produced by Kyoto’s long-establish Ogawa Coffee, serves authentic espressos and cappuccino featuring heart- and leaf-shaped “latte art” designs. Drinks can be served to be consumed on the premises or to take out.

Open 8:00 to 20:00

Food court

photo:Snack Corner O2

The food court, with its relaxing interior and panoramic views of Lake Biwa, comprises restaurants that serve a range of dishes made with locally produced ingredients for local consumption, including local Shiga prefecture cuisine such as tonchan-don made with Ohmi Japanese Black chicken and the chef’s original homemade sauce; Ohmi Shikibunosato; Ohmi beef curry made with Ohmi beef; and a traditional Japanese full course known as Komachi Bijin, which is particularly recommended for females due to the healthy local ingredients used.
Spend leisurely time enjoying a delicious meal and superb scenery in the relaxing atmosphere.

Open 24 hours

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