Rules & Policies

To Guests with Food Allergies

About food allergies

Every effort is made to accommodate guests with food allergies so that they can enjoy meals safely and with peace of mind.

Some of our menus can be provided without the use of seven specified allergenic ingredients, upon request. Please contact the respective facilities in advance if this special arrangement is requested.
We ask for the understanding of guests if we are not able to accommodate their requests, as it may not be possible to change some recipes due to the ingredients used or conditions within the restaurant.

Points to remember regarding menus that do not contain allergens

  • Menus that do not contain allergens are not absolute and are not guaranteed to be completely allergen free.
  • We check ingredients produced by external contractors based on the information provided by the manufacturers.
  • Dishes that do not contain allergens are prepared in the same kitchen in which regular dishes are prepared. Dishes are also washed in a common dishwasher. Therefore, there is the possibility of a tiny amount of allergen infiltrating a specially prepared meal in the course of processing or cooking.
  • Unfortunately, we may not be able to serve guests with serious allergic reactions to food.
  • Guests are asked to make their own final decisions regarding food, based on the conditions described above.

About allergens

Seven specified allergenic ingredients: eggs, milk, wheat, shrimps, crab, buckwheat and peanuts

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