Outsourced Management

Achieving solid revenue and efficient management while employing its expertise and experience in diverse fields as a commercial operator in the area of hospitality, GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts conducts outsourced management to meet the diverse needs of site owners.

GRANVISTA manages a wide range of facilities from city hotels, business hotels and resort hotels to traditional Japanese inns, aquariums and golf courses. Managing such various types of facilities does of course demand a considerable degree of know-how. Based on its extensive experience and corporate vision while maintaining an eye on the future, GRANVISTA engages in outsourced management that is in keeping with local characteristics and is appropriate for the times. Under our banner of "Local values shaping the global future," we at GRANVISTA aim to share the value of outsourced management with our business partners.

Unique Vision of GRANVISTA

Managing an Area's Best Facility

Being the best facility in an area demands efforts to stimulate, promote and develop local tourism, commerce and culture. It also requires a constant awareness of the necessity to play a pivotal role within the community and to preserve and transmit local value. Accomplishing this goal entails the firm resolve to become widely known as the best facility in an area-in terms of both reputation and in actual fact. With the Sapporo Grand Hotel and Sapporo Park Hotel, we at GRANVISTA used our management experience with leading local facilities in managing those hotels such that they have long been known and cherished as the regional leaders.

Grand Hotel Challenge

The "grand hotel" name has long signified a place that in terms of history, facilities and service is acknowledged as providing the very finest accommodation. Today, a grand hotel has to faithfully adhere to the age-old concept and quality demanded of such an institution. However, this type of hotel also needs to undergo change-maintaining traditional standards while keeping abreast of present demands. Having managed many other grand hotels, GRANVISTA in May 2014 was able to undertake the opening of the Ginza Grand Hotel in Tokyo with complete confidence.

CSV Business Development

CSV stands for "creating shared value." Through the social significance of our business activities, we at GRANVISTA provide value in dealing with social issues while at the same time being fully aware of the importance of maintaining profitability and competitiveness in promoting our business enterprises. CSV business today is essential for any company that is working toward the future. GRANVISTA actively pursues CSV activities as it addresses global matters and issues related to nature and the future.

Diversity and Individuality in Operations

Even in the same area of operations-whether in accommodation or leisure facilities, restaurants, highways, hospitality, entertainment or gourmet dining-our activities at GRANVISTA have a diversity that cannot be classified simply according to the type of business. Each possesses its own particular characteristics. This diversity and individuality of business entities also applies to operational aspects. If a facility cannot operate as a unit, neither can the management. An example of this approach is seen in appointing a woman as general manager because that is the best option in taking full advantage of the diversity and individuality of a business entity and its operations.

Features and Benefits

GRANVISTA is a chain operator in the areas of tourism, hospitality and entertainment in the general leisure industry. By way of promoting local tourism, GRANVISTA achieves and maintains the notable status of being regarded as the best facility in a particular area, and it operates such diverse recreational facilities as aquariums and golf courses. In this respect, being responsible for the outsourced management of 17 facilities throughout Japan gives GRANVISTA a remarkable advantage in being able to make full use of economies of scale.

In accordance with its corporate philosophy, GRANVISTA aims to make a contribution toward enhancing the value of the local brand, promoting demand for the tourist industry as well as stimulating and improving the basis of the local economy. From a business start-up for an establishment that will become the best hotel in the local area to elevating the value of existing facilities, the GRANVISTA approach to outsourced management involves being an integral part of the local community while offering an extensive array of resources.

GRANVISTA Outsourced Management: Four Points


To achieve its track record in operating high-quality tourist facilities, becoming the best facility in an area and meeting the challenge of managing grand hotels, GRANVISTA has undertaken various projects related to developing brand value and implementing new systems.



Toward its goal of stimulating and improving the basis of the local economy and creating opportunities for local employment through managing various facilities, GRANVISTA aims to achieve a maximum knock-on effect on local value and the local economy.



As a proven chain operator, GRANVISTA achieves efficient, effective sales in the domestic and foreign tourist and corporate customer markets-meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions (MICE).


In establishing a management system and methods based on the characteristics and policy of a particular facility as well as handling such matters as personnel, temporary employee placement and staff training, GRANVISTA strives to ensure optimal operational management.

GRANVISTA Outsourced Management: Three Economies of Scale

Economies of Scale as a Chain Operator

Currently, many operators of local accommodation and tourist facilities function alone or as independent entities. However, GRANVISTA is able to take full advantage of its benefits as a chain operator with 17 facilities throughout Japan.

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Reviving and Managing an Area's Best Facility

Managing a facility that is regarded as the best in the local area demands a completely different type of know-how to the simpler demands of operating a general large-scale facility. The management has to be underpinned by extensive knowledge as well as proven experience and successful management of top facilities.

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Operating Various Leisure and Other Facilities

The general leisure industry is operated on the basis of possessing both a diverse operational track record and advanced expertise in particular areas. Such diversity and expertise are a unique feature of GRANVISTA through its management of top local leisure facilities.

Details of Operating Various Leisure and Other Facilities



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